Black Tax On Facebook

Added 31 Mar 2021 (Block source date: 2017-05-18)

Many Black people and organizers have been banned from Facebook for pointing out racism on it.

I’ve lost count of how many Black organizers have had their Facebook accounts temporarily or permanently banned for posting content that even remotely challenges white supremacy.

Prominent activist and co-founder of Safety Pin Box, Leslie Mac, was recently banned for posting, “silence is violence,” in reference to white Americans not speaking out against racism. Human rights advocate and psychologist, Dr. Mary Merrill, received her third Facebook ban for a thought-provoking post that apparently violated standards for her use of the phrase, “Dear White People.” Nynah Marie, co-founder of Brown Girls Out Loud, was ironically banned for a status criticizing Facebook’s racist banning practices. Community organizer, Sherronda Brown, was banned twice for uploading screenshots of racist and sexist harassment she’d received via Facebook comments and private messages. Although the original messages to Brown were reported without consequence, she was still banned for posting proof of the abuse. That’s like being charged with sexual harassment for posting photos of Casey Affleck. Not cool, Zuck.

More incidents: “Facebook while black: Users call it getting ‘Zucked,’ say talking about racism is censored as hate speech” on USA today

Medium article "Mark Zuckerberg Hates Black People" by The DiDi Delgado, 2017-05-18

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